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Room 155 - B

Last Update: June 16, 2018


Detailed Schedule

9:50 am Welcome Workshop Organizer
10:00 am Invited Talk: Humanistic AI for autonomous driving Yibiao Zhao
10:40 am Invited Talk: A cooperative basis for human cognition Patrick Shafto
Rutgers University - Newark
11:20 am Invited Talk: Development Meets Physics Tomer Ullman
12:00 am Lunch Break
13:40 am Spotlight Presentation
01. Learning to See Physics via Visual De-animation [pdf]
02. Human-centric Indoor Scene Synthesis Using Stochastic Grammar [pdf]
03. Holistic 3D Indoor Scene Parsing and Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image [pdf]
04. Integration of Robotic Perception, Action, and Memory [pdf]
05. A Computational Model for Embodied Visual Perspective Taking: From Physical Movements to Mental Simulation [pdf]
06. Predicting Human Activities Using Stochastic Grammar [pdf]
07. Fast, Scalable Layout Synthesis [pdf]
08. Inferring Shared Attention in Social Scene Videos [pdf]
09. An Object Is More Than a Single Image: The Toybox Dataset of Visual Object Transformations [pdf]
10. Inverting Audio-Visual Simulation for Shape and Material Perception [pdf]
11. Pixels, voxels, and views: A study of shape representations for single view 3D object shape prediction [pdf]
12. DAiSEE: Towards User Engagement Recognition in the Wild [pdf]
13. On Learning Association of Sound Source and Visual Scenes [pdf]
14:10 pm Invited Talk: Deep Knowledge Graph for Home Operating Systems Ashutosh Saxena
14:50 pm Invited Talk: Understanding low-level videos: The direction of the time and the physics of what we see William T. Freeman
15:30 pm Afternoon Break & Poster Session
16:00 pm Invited Talk: Playing with Toys Jeffrey Siskind
Purdue University
16:40 pm Invited Talk: Scaling visual cognition to the open-world Deva Ramanan