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CogSci 2015


Adam Sanborn
Univ. of Warwick

Human Judgments of Colliding Objects

Phillip Wolff
Emory University

Forces and the Semantics of Causation

Intuitive physics and psychology for perceiving, reasoning and learning about visual scenes

What brain regions are recruited by intuitive physical reasoning

Understanding Scenes and Events by Reasoning Physics and Causality

Brian Ziebart
Univ. of Illinois Chicago

Training robots to (inter)act from human demonstration

Cognitive Vision and its Application to Medical Imaging, Visual Surveillance, and Space Robotics

Brian Scassellati
Yale Univ.

Physics, Intentionality, and Causality in Social Scenes

Igor Mordatch
Univ. of Washington

Automated Discovery and Learning of Complex Movement Behaviors


Tao Gao

Computational Cognitive Science lab

The Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy

Peter Battaglia

DeepMind, London

Lap-Fai Yu
UMass Boston

Graphics and Virtual Environments Lab

Bo Zheng
The University of Tokyo

Computer Vision Lab